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Welcome to Race Logic.

Doing Business On The Internet for over 15 Years.

Race Logic has been offering new and advanced two-stroke performance technology to our customers for over 20 years and have over 40 years of experience behind us. We were the first in the industry to use our specialized approach to developing and building high performance two-stroke engines and are still the leaders.

We have developed countless new systems and techniques to create new horsepower, driveability and dependability records. We constantly strive to offer you new and improved technology.

With the application of our new developments, many world records have been broken and our products and services have become known and used throughout the industry.

Some of the services and product technology Race Logic offers include, but are not limited to: Porting, Head Modifications, Big Bore Kits, Race-Ready Engines, Cylinder Boring, Carb Boring, Cylinder Re-nikasiling, Engine Modification, Full Machine Shop Service and our famous SportPort do-it-yourself porting template system.

Whether you are a recreational, serious, or full race rider we can offer you more horsepower for your snowmobile, motorcycle, four wheeler, boat or watercraft.

Race Logic
8706 Round Lake Hwy.
Addison, MI 49220





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